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How long should I wait after unprotected sex to get tested for STD’s?

This is the million dollar question and unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this question.  Each infection has its own timeframe in which it can be detected in a persons’ urine or blood.

As a general rule, the following time frames can be used to identify when you might want to get consider getting tested for STD’s

–          Chlamydia  – After Potential Exposure:  1 Week – 3 WeeksHow long should I wait after unprotected sex to get tested for STD’s?

–          Gonorrhea – After Potential Exposure:  2 days – 30 days

–          Syphilis – After Potential Exposure:  10 days – 90 days

–          Herpes – After Potential Exposure:  2 weeks – 3 months

–          HIV – After Potential Exposure:  4 weeks – 3 months

–          Hepatitis B – After Potential Exposure:  3 weeks – 2 months

–          Hepatitis C – After Potential Exposure:  Up to 6 months

Ideally, testing is recommended after potential exposure and then ongoing for at least 3 months after the potential exposure.  In addition, refraining from sexual contact during this testing period is recommended so that any transmitted infections will not be passed along to your other partners.  This includes your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend and other partners.

So, the question is not how long should I wait after unprotected sex, but rather how often should I get tested after unprotected sex.  The frequency of STD testing is the main component to focus on after an unprotected sexual encounter.  If you feel you want to wait until the 3 month mark to get tested for all STD’s, this is not recommended because some infections can be detected much earlier than 3 months and you would not want to leave those infections untreated as they can  cause irreversible damage to your body.  So, get tested early and often Las Vegas.

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